AQMARTech is new age technology company focusing on building web, social and mobile solutions to help enterprises compete in the rapidly evolving era of changing technologies, business models and ever rising customer expectations.

Modern design

To be the best, you have to beat the best. Stay ahead of the game with an awesome design.

Mobile Apps

We develop native and cross-platform consumer apps, creating exceptional digital experience at every touch point.

Enterprise Solutions

Having expertise with Enterprise apps to be used within an organization.

Game development

Develop advanced 2D, 3D and isometric games in native OS, Unity, including large scale games for iPhone, iPad and Android

Our Services

We provide complete solution – designing, developing and deploying your Web, iOS, and Android Apps.

WEB & Mobile Apps

Creating Web sites and apps that use the latest Coding and architechture standards.


Enterprise apps

These include apps like CRM, ERP and messaging & collaboration systems.


Android & ios

Cross-Platform Support

Give smooth and seamless user experience across multipe platforms.

Game Development

Modern 2D and 3D games for iOS and Android devices.

Customers Love Us

AQMARTech has worked dedicatedly in five of our major and complex IT projects. They have always successfully and timely delivered all the projects and completed their respective milestones. They are contactable seven days a week and 24 hours a day. They have profound knowledge of IT solutions and their customer service is admirable. They are expert in their work and very professional in their business dealings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Even though our customer base is widely diverse, we get some of the same questions from each customer. Here are 7 frequently asked technology questions we get from our customers.

Often times overlooked as a major failure source, ISP redundancies can add a high level of outage protection. Purchasing ISP from two different vendors allows you to failover to the secondary ISP as a backup. Firewalls with failover capabilities can provide a manual or automatic failover option.

In the simplest terms, the cloud means storing and accessing data and programs over the Internet (with your data stored in a datacenter) rather than accessing and storing data on your local hard drive or server in your office. With the increased speeds in bandwidth these days, cloud computing has become very popular, especially since it helps with business continuity, offering a guaranteed “six 9s,” 99.9999% uptime for electricity, climate control and Internet access. AQMARTech offers complete I.T. solutions to its customers and provides this service at competitive rates.

What platform should we target? iOS/ Android or both?

Will my website work and look good in all devices and all desktop OS?

Should we support iPad version for iOS and tablet version for Android?

What is difference between Cross platform development vs Native App development?

iphone iphone

What Did You Recieve With AQMARTech Showcase

Whether engaging and servicing mobile app users is your core business, an add-on service or just a lead-generator, there are likely multiple options that will work for you! Key factors in making your decision are your long-term goals, product needs, budget and team skill set.

Beautiful, modern design

Cool animations

HTML5 and CSS3

Great 24/7 support

Well documentation

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